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I encourage complete creative freedom to allow each individual to improve their own unique fingerprint and confidence when learning.

Sarah is a highly trained specialist in hair colour working for over 30 years in the industry. Her career has taken her from the West End of London working at top salons including Toni and Guy, Trevor Sorbie and Richard Ward. To being the Head Colourist and educator at Paul Edmonds and Manager at Brooks and Brooks.

As well as working her magic in salons, Sarah has worked within the TV and film industry. Colouring behind the scenes for BBC dramas and British made films including award winning films Bridget Jones Diary, Calendar girls and the Forsythe Saga to name a few.

Sarah’s biggest passion has always been sharing and teaching her hair colouring knowledge to empower hairdressers to be the best they can be using their own unique fingerprint.

She loves mentoring talented and passionate peers within her field who want improve their knowledge and aspire to work as she did on shows or win industry awards (such as the L’Oreal Colour Trophy, Creative Head awards or The BHA’s).

Sarah Started her own education company Chaulk Education, back in 2018, It continues to empower and mentor stylists who feel that they have gaps in their knowledge or need to build their confidence in certain areas so that they can attain their goals, win awards and grow as a specialist in their own right.

Encouraging a “think out of the box” mindset and sharing her unique ways on time saving techniques that will also make more money is Sarah’s signature and she loves nothing more than watching her clients confidence and colour knowledge grow.

Sarah now lives on the south coast where you will find her walking her dog either along the coast or into the countryside. She also has a keen eye on her unique style and loves nothing better than second hand shopping or finding new unique boutiques.

The best way for Sarah to relax and release is listening to music or being around her friends dancing or doing some form of yoga.

Do you feel uninspired or lacking in confidence? 

Do you dream of a smaller colour palette with maximum impact? 

Want the confidence to think out of the box, with support when ever you need it?

Do you dream of your team working smart not hard? 

Want to build your / teams confidence and knowledge to think outside of the box?

Do you want your team to think big, have motivation to manage their own column? 

Self confessed hi-light specialist, Sarah empowers confidence with her unique vision and the science of hair.

I encourage complete creative freedom to allow each individual to improve their own unique fingerprint and confidence when learning.

After shaking off the restrictions of working in London branded colour houses, I have incorporated my wealth of knowledge and exceptional talent to create hair colour education that is brand free, full of hair science and giving a unique learning experience without limitations.

Chaulk founder Sarah Spiers is considered one of the most knowledgeable hi-light experts within the UK. 

“I love to colour hair with freedom, no commitment to brands, giving an alternative approach to learning.”

London educator with over 30 years experience in hair colour.


All of the courses that I offer at Chaulk have been designed with you in mind. I allow for varying levels of expertise when presenting any course. Rest assured that all your questions will be answered during the course and I am available for follow up Q & A sessions after every training.




Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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